Kwakwaduam Association Inc. New York Establishes $3,000 COVID-19 Relief Fund For Members

n response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and to help Members during the lockdown and job losses, the Kwakwaduam Association of New York has established a Relied Fund for Members to access money to ease their hardships.

The President of the Association, Dr. Stephen Asiedu, an Internist, said these are hard times for everybody, and the least Kwakwaduam could do is to help Members weather the storm.

He said this Economic Impact Money is free and could be accessed by Members after establishing eligibility for being an active member.

New York City has been hard hit by the Covid 19 Pandemic with currently about 175,000 cases with 43,744 Hospitalized and 5,378 probable deaths.

These are staggering figures and with the City on lockdown and stay at home, life is not easy and it is only prudent that Kwakwaduam should rise to the occasion to help Members.

The President implored members to adhere to the protocols of prevention to avoid infection and deaths.

Frequent washing of hands with soap and water, social distancing, wearing face masks in public, using hand sanitizers, and staying at home.

He indicated that about 15 Ghanaians have lost their lives in Covid 19 related indications and we cannot afford to lose anymore.

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