Kwakwaduam Association Inc. Celebrates Mother’s Day

The Kwakwaduam Association Inc celebrated the Mother’s Day in style in New York over the weekend. The occasion was to celebrate mothers, mothers to be and women in general. Dr. Romany Hana Gynecologist and a Lecturer at the Albert Einstein Medical School was there to give a lecture on the Screening Guidelines for Women. He suggested the good health was state of a social, physical and mental wellbeing and not only the absence of disease. He stressed the importance of screening and gave an age stratified guidelines for screening and more importantly stressed the need for preventive maintenance of health. Some on the important areas he stressed include screening guidelines for diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, bone densitometry, mammogram, Pap smears, STds among others. He also stressed weight reduction as part of health maintenance and explained the use of the BMI table. He advised the mothers to ensure that their teenage girls who were sexually active to get pap smears and get the appropriate screening particularly for STDs and indicated need for the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Through partnership with the World Vision and the New York City Mayor’s Clothing Bank, Mary Kay Cosmetic sets and Clothing were distributed to the mothers and to some of the wives of the male members. With the legendary song of Prince Nico Mbarga (Sweet Mother) in the background the, the occasion was indeed festive. Kwakwaduam Association Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the social, health, educational, economic and cultural wellbeing of its members and the community and extending the same to the people of Ghana and Africa in general.

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