Kwakwaduam Association Inc. celebrates Annual Family Outreach Program

The Kwakwaduam Association of New York has celebrated its Annual Family Outreach program at the Glen Island Park in Yonkers New York.The Outreach offered an opportunity for families to get-together, network and have fun bringing the children who otherwise will not get to know each other. The OkuapemanFekuw, The Kwahu Association of New York and the First Ghana Presbyterian Church were in attendance and made for a beautiful gathering. A representative from the Minority Health Department of the Obama Administration, Mrs. Margaret Korto was invited to give a presentation on the health issues affecting the Minority in America. Her presentation was rather informative with handouts dealing with multiplicity of health topics such as HIV, Diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, domestic violence among others were given out. In the games that were played, hard as the Kwakwadum Soccer team tried, they were beaten by the Presbyterian Church. The table tennis competition was however won by Kwakwaduam Association who put a formidable team comprising Mr. Asamoah, Dr. Aniapam Boafo and last year’s winner Fred Amponsah. Mr. Asamoah was the overall winner. Through the networking and partnership with the World Vision and the Mayors Clothing Bank, several items of new clothing were distributed to the participants. The cuisine wascultural and delicious, the music infectious and it was indeed a day well spent.

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