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Abadinto or the Child Naming Ceremony is a cultural activity performed by the Akwapim people among others. It is usually performed one week after the birth of a Child to specifically assign a name to the child. It is a function usually performed by an Elder of the Family at dawn. Other than the name given to the Child, it is believed that each child comes with a soul name ( Kra Din ). This is assigned based on the gender and day of Birth. The table shows the day of birth, the Kra Din (Soul name) associated with the day, the appellation associated with the name and its greeting in response  

Monday Kwadwo Adwoa Okoto Adwo
Tuesday Kwabena Abena Ogyam Abra
Wednesday Kwaku Akua Atobi Aku
Thursday Yaw Yaa Preko Awo
Friday Kofi Afua Kyini Afi
Saturday Kwame Amma Atoapem Amen
Sunday Kwasi Akosua Bodua Awusi

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